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African Golden Food Ltd Leads the Way in Sustainable Cassava Farming and Processing in Ghana

African Golden Food Ltd (AGF), a company based in Ghana, has recently launched a large-scale cassava farming initiative and plans to establish a cassava processing plant to extract starch from the crop.

AGF aims to run several integrating farming verticals that focus on increasing yield and quality while keeping costs down. In addition, the company is committed to educating farmers and providing them with land access and funding on credit.

To achieve their targets, AGF is inviting MasterCard Foundation to partner with them in establishing a Centre of Excellence in collaboration with the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), with whom AGF has an MoU to collaborate with its schools of learning to bring innovation and impact into farming sustainably to enrich the environment and improve nutrition and livelihoods in the areas they operate.

AGF’s vision is to create a farming ecosystem where learning, research, and production interact to produce food in a sustainable manner, while transferring knowledge and disseminating information to smallholder farming to create a lasting impact.

The initiative has the potential to provide economic opportunities for farmers in the region, while also meeting the growing demand for starch in various industries. AGF is willing to provide financial and technical support to farmers and processors to help them increase their capacity and improve the quality of their products.

AGF plans to work closely with local communities and stakeholders to ensure that the initiative is sustainable and has a positive impact on the environment and social welfare. Their support will be based on a mutually beneficial partnership that provides incentives for farmers and processors to increase their output and improve their efficiency.

Leveraging their expertise and resources in agriculture and food processing, AGF plans to provide guidance and training to farmers and processors, using best practices in agriculture and processing to ensure the highest quality and safety of the final product.

AGF sees this initiative as a long-term investment in the region that will create jobs, boost local economies, and provide a reliable supply of starch for various industries. By deploying irrigation interventions, AGF’s partners (Wilo & Agrico) aim to utilize the unique land locations to encourage year-round farming, improving yields and encouraging the utilization of resources in a manner that ensures food security and availability. This should drive down food prices and improve the living standards of the persons engaged in farming foremost and others.

Overall, AGF’s initiative has the potential to transform the agriculture sector in Ghana, creating economic opportunities and improving the livelihoods of farmers while providing a reliable supply of starch for various industries. The partnership with MasterCard Foundation and KNUST will further strengthen AGF’s efforts to create a sustainable farming ecosystem that can positively impact the environment and social welfare in the region.


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