Slawomir Szulecki

CTO - Chief Technical Officer

African Golden Food Ltd.


I have 12 years of experience in different projects in Africa, mostly in agriculture sector.

My background is civil & water  engineering. I was studying on Technical University in Warsaw (Poland) and in Hannover (Germany). 

From the very beginning I have joined African Golden Foods (AGF) Ltd, an agricultural startup with the mission to grow, renew, transform and excel in a sustainable manner.

I believe Africa can feed itself and its people can be empowered to lift themselves out of poverty.

  1. Cassava production & processing in execution.
  2. Developing of Vegetable Farms with Carrot, Cabbage, Cucumber, green Peppe and Onions.
  3. Planning for Planting of Paulownia Trees on 5,000 Hectares Has already begun.
  4. Establishing of Ethanol Plant for Bio-Fuel Production Using Cassava Starch.
  5. Developing Maize and Soya Farms as a Source for Feed Production for Our Future Livestock Projects.
  6. Starting Livestock Projects for Poultry & Eggs Production.

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